The Shulers Survival Server

A private Minecraft server for family and friends

A private server started in 2013

Join us now or request permission


We're creative, but survival is the first priority. Gather your resources, protect yourself, then build something great.


We use a whitelist to restrict users, so we're all friends and family here. No strangers allowed.


We use Mapcrafter so you can check out our world and never get lost.


No Stealing
Don't take things that aren't yours.
Just like your parents taught you.

No Griefing
Don't mess up other peoples things.
Just like your parents taught you.

Help Others
Help others, and don't be adraid to ask for help.

Build Something Cool
Get established and build something we'll all be proud of.

High Definition Render Ready

Want an awesome wallpaper of your recent creation?
Just ask and we can make one with Chunky.

Mountain House and Tower

Know Where You're Going

We run Mapcrafter so you'll never get lost again.

Server Map

Explore the world before, during and after you play.

The map is updated every night, so you'll see your new creations the next day.

Available in 3D and top-down 2D.

Lost? Hit F3 in the game to see your coordinates. Then use the map coordinates to find your way.

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01/2013 World Started
1.9.4 Server Version
26,000+ Hours Online
1,000s Creepers Killed

The Team



Server Admin



Chief Explorer



Rogue Player

Don't have Minecraft yet? Get it now.

The Technology



How could we have a Minecraft server without Minecraft?

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux

Our server runs on Ubuntu Linux.



Spigot runs our server. Shuler Minecraft